About US

We are Go strategic Communications (Pvt) Ltd and we believe in supporting brands that do not have the expertise or resources to promote themselves. We will develop the strategy and assist you to make your brand voice heard.

Our Vision

To build brands with a long term vision and enduring legacy that will ensure success to the client’s business and give confidence to consumers who utilize the brand.

Our Mission

To provide appropriate communication solutions that will build the brand and give it a communication edge.

Why Go With Go

We have a wealth of experience working on leading Global and local brands from Coca- Cola, Nestle to Dialog. This experience and expertise will be there to guide your brand on its journey forward. We will develop the communication strategy, design the campaign and use the most suitable media to take your brand to success. We will provide you with the best option based on YOUR objectives and budget. No hassle no shock, only transparency and results.

Go giving you the competitive advantage

In today’s market place where the advancement in technology make a product’s competitive advantage obsolete within a short time, the only sustainable competitive advantage is a ‘Perceived Advantage’. Proper management of  the perception or image through branding tips the scale in favor of the brand. The more reason to work with a brand specialist  than an ad agency.


What does “GO” mean?

GO is a Japanese game where the concept is "surrounding chess" and the object is simply to capture territory by placing down counters on the board. You need to surround your opponent and then capture him. The game uses various strategies that can be grouped into 8 principles. These principles are very relevant to life and businesses and we use them to give an edge to the communications strategies devised.

The game originated from China and migrated to Japan and is popular with many strategists. Bill Gates the founder of Microsoft is one of them.

Would you like to start a project with us?

If you have a product to market to city dwelling customers with a modern outlook simply call us. We can market it for you effectively, affordably & creatively.